(09) 360 8766 - 318 RICHMOND ROAD, AUCKLAND


(09) 360 8766 - 318 RICHMOND ROAD, AUCKLAND


Canon first established its New Zealand operation in the early sixties when Photographic Wholesalers, a subsidiary of Kerridge Odeon begun marketing Canon camera products. Unequalled features and quality saw rapid acceptance of Canon's camera products, it was these strengths that allowed Kerridge Odean to grow and include Canon calculators and micrographic products in its line up.

With the worldwide launch of Canon typewriters in early 1983 Kerridge Odean formed Canon Typing Systems This was followed closely by Canon Data Products, specialising in Canon computers and software. In tandem in the New Zealand market DRG Canon held the distribution rights for copier and facsimile products.

In early 1987 Pacer Corporation took control of Kerridge Odean forming the new Pacer Kerridge Corporation. This heralded a change for Canon product distribution, as in August 1987 DRG Canon begun marketing all Canon products with the exception of photographic equipment.

Fuelled by rapid growth, both organisational and in a diverse product line up, the evolution of Canon New Zealand continued. In late 1989, Canon Inc. Japan took control via Canon Australia to form Canon New Zealand Limited bringing all Canon products and services together under the huge global network that forms Canon Worldwide.



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