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(09) 360 8766 - 318 RICHMOND ROAD, AUCKLAND


JVC is a leading international electronics company that has achieved success by combining its excellence in audio, visual and multimedia products.

Since its foundation as a manufacturer of records and phonographs in 1927, Victor Company of Japan Ltd (JVC) has been a long time leader of hardware and software development in the audio visual field.

Since the marketing of Japan's first television over a half century ago, JVC has been leading the creation of audio, visual and multimedia technology that is widespread in households today. JVC's industry-leading developments are engraved as the major milestones not only in their history, but also in the history of the world of technological innovation.

These developments and innovations are proudly represented by Japan's first stereo in 1958, the VHS video format in 1976, and more recently, by the marketing of the world's first single-unit video camcorder in 1984, the Digital VHS VCR in 1997, D-ILA projector in 1998, and many others. Among them, JVC's newest original innovations are the D-VHS format and HDD Hard Disk Drive video deck. D-VHS offers massive storage capacity at low cost which will help VHS remain the world standard in the new century. HDD enables a single unit which integrates a Hard Disk recorder and Super VHS recorder, realising more options for program recording.

As the development and use of networking systems and software continue to increase, demand for audiovisual products is shifting towards products and systems that make full use of the latest digital and information technologies. Within this stream, audiovisual products will be sought to be combined with software (content, OS, applications, etc.) and services (broadcasting, Internet, information providers, etc.), unlike being just a piece of hardware. In this way, audiovisual products that offer a comprehensive value will be in great demand in the future.

As we are in the age of converging AV (Audio Visual) and IT (Information Technology), we are furthering the digital and networking systematisation for our products to respond to various needs of consumers. We have already successfully developed D-VHS to meet the recording needs of a full-fledged high definition digital broadcasting era. Also, we are developing hybrid products utilizing the hard disk as a new recording media, Digital Video Camcorders with more comprehensive connectivity to PC, and digital home theater systems centering on big screen displays such as D-ILA projectors and Plasma displays. In this way, JVC's product line is surely and steadily shifting over to digital and networking systems



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