(09) 360 8766 - 318 RICHMOND ROAD, AUCKLAND


(09) 360 8766 - 318 RICHMOND ROAD, AUCKLAND


MagNum offers a striking new concept for remote lens control systems. It is a focus puller's dream come true: Ergonomics perfectly tuned to the requirements of 1st AC‘s turn long days on the set into pure joy. A dual band frequency selector ensures transmission reliabillity. Intuitive handling guided by menus. Professional users participated heavily in optimizing ergonomics and functionality. They helped to make sure MagNum offers outstanding value for money. Read More...

CW-3 sits in the middle with BNC SDI video connectors supporting HD video only but adds 3G HDSDI capability to support the new higher frame rate 1080P origination. Read More...

87Wh Li-ion V-Mount High Load Battery with PowerLink & Digi-View Our exclusive PowerLink feature connects two E-HL9 batteries for a total power capacity of 174Wh. The 6-step 5 LED power status display gives an accurate reading of capacity in 20% increments plus the last 10%.. Read More...

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