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MagNum: Discover the joy of pulling

MagNum by Chrosziel - the first truly ergonomic wireless lens control system

MagNum offers a striking new concept for remote lens control systems. It is a focus puller's dream come true: Ergonomics perfectly tuned to the requirements of 1st AC‘s turn long days on the set into pure joy. A dual band frequency selector ensures transmission reliabillity. Intuitive handling guided by menus. Professional users participated heavily in optimizing ergonomics and functionality. They helped to make sure MagNum offers outstanding value for money.

Chrosziel Magnum

MagNum is available in three versions:

>>> MagNum pdf brochure

MagNum kits

Chrosziel offers MagNum kits which offer a significant price advantage over purchasing each component separately. MagNum 100 Kit Single Channel (MN-100KIT-M) is based on the single channel version which controls focus. MagNum kits MagNum 200 Kit BTM (MN-200KIT-B) and MagNum 200 Kit Heden (MN-200KIT-H). While the former includes Betz motors, the latter uses motors by Heden. The MagNum kits contain all the equipment you need in order to remote control a lens: One motor per channel with gears of all pitches. A clamp holder for 15 and 19 mm rods. All necessary motor cables, a power cable with D-Tap plug, and a sturdy hard case with foam inserts for safe transport of the MagNum kit.   MagNum accessories MagNum accessories make sure you are always working in the comfort zone. Case in point: the new convenience kit for MagNum (MN-ACKIT). The kit offers a considerable price advantage over the sum of the individual product prices. It includes:

  • a gooseneck LED light (product code SI)
  • a belt holster so you can carry MagNum hands-free (MN-HOL)
  • a rechargeable battery for long and cold days on the set (MN-BAT)

Chrosziel has also developed accessories enabling users to mount and unmount the MagNum receiver onto the camera fast and securely:

  • a mounting bracket for the receiver (MN-RMB1) so it can easily be mounted the camera‘s hot shoe or cold shoe
  • the Universal QuickFit Bridge 401-49-000 with a cold shoe (MN-RMB2)
  • an extra long hot shoe (401-49-RAIL), which in tandem with the Universal QuickFit Bridge offers extra flexibility when positioning the receiver as well as extra space for more accessories with a hot shoe

Features offered by each MagNum version:

  • Ergonomically optimized hand unit
  • Symmetrical design, ensuring left-handers enjoy the full benefit from MagNum's ergonomics as well
  • Compact-sized transmitter and receiver
  • Minimum weight - the two-channel receiver is only 262g, the transmitter only 577g when fully equipped
  • Transmission in the 2,4 GHz frequency band which is freely available world-wide
  • Menu-guided intuitive handling through membrane keys and colour OLED display
  • Four freely assignable hotkeys
  • Spectrum analyzer, identifying the best transmission channel
  • Optional lens calibration through receiver (controller)
  • Fluid-dampened hand wheel
  • Electronic "Hold" to capture settings and keep them
  • Indicator LED for all functions on the receiver (controller)
  • Magnifier function for "near" and "remote" , allowing to spread the range around the nearest or the indefinite lens setting without losing the option to move to the other end stop
  • Spreading of any lens range at one turn of the hand wheel
  • Optional scale ring or scale disc
  • Record/Start/Stop signal for the camera
  • Adjustable motor power
  • USB port
  • Battery level indicator for camera and hand unit
  • Five ¼“ threads on the hand unit (transmitter)
  • Rechargeable Sony FM 50 Li-ion battery (product code MN-BAT) plus battery charger (MN-CH)

The two-channel MagNum offers all benefits:

  • Hermetically sealed non-contact slide control for setting iris*
  • Exchangeable iris scales made of aluminium*
  • Two adjustable end stops for the slider of the iris control*
  • Dual-band system offering five channels in the 430 MHz frequency band, and eleven channels in the 2,4GHz frequency band - interference-free
  • Combi-socket for connecting the common TV lens demands, turning MagNum into the communicator between the demands and the cine-style lens
  • The same combi-socket can be used for connecting the cable of an analog zoom control
  • VariFluid hand wheel with adjustable fluid damping / dampening
  • VariLock II function offering two freely adjustable end stops on the hand wheel
  • Mechanical lock in the hand wheel
  • Internal booster to amplify motor power up to 30 volts
  • Socket for gooseneck lamp
  • Serial interface
  • Padded hand- and neck-strap*
  • Two MHz band antennas

* these components are available as part of the upgrade kit for MagNum Extendable


>>> MagNum pdf brochure

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